CONGREED from Freiburg/Germoney.

We mix D-Beat/Crustpunk with a dash of Grind and Thrash-/DeathMetal. Lyrix deal with political and personal stuff and cover the dark sides of life. We are entirely antifascist, antiracist and against any discrimanation for sexual or other reasons.

The roots of CONGREED is Hellborn Messiah, a band that ceased to exist after the early death of our singer Daniel in 2011. After that dramatic experience, we decided to go on with the band, changed the name, wrote completely new songs and started sharing the vocals.
Hellborn Messiah was releasing two 12“ splits with Electrozombies from Santiago de Chile and PostWarDepression from Karlsruhe/ Germoney. (

In 2015 CONGREED launched the first output. Full length 12″ named ‚godcifer‘. End of 2018 a Split 12″ with Affres has been released.

Since 2012 we were touring Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Slowenia, Italy, Swizzerland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Netherland, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Beside Congreed we were/are playing in bands such as Hellborn Messiah, Zuschanden, Smegma Brothers, CockroachPlanet, ThoughtAssault, Natrat…